Sabrina Sanchez


Candor Realty

165 Thorndike St. Suite 2002 Lowell, MA 01852

Being a reliable real estate professional takes commitment, honesty and a real passion for helping people. My mission as a Real Estate Professional is to find you everything you need to accomplish your real estate desires even if that means connecting you with a different, but RIGHT agent.

As a real estate agent, I help people achieve financial goals without having to rely on commissions to pay for my bills. I have worked for many Pharmaceutical companies over my career in pharmaceutical-related roles allowing me to leverage my unique professional skills to provide my clients with advantages in the real estate industry. The financial freedom that I have has allowed me to solo-travel all over the US often building relationships with strangers who trust and enjoy my positive and welcoming personality. To add to that, my pharmaceutical career has allowed me to not rely on commissions to pay my bills so you can rest assure that I always put clients' needs ahead of my own.