Matthew Perimian


Candor Realty

165 Thorndike St. Suite 2002 Lowell, MA 01852

Matt Perimian is an expert in helping clients evaluate and purchase properties in the Greater Boston Area. Matt is a savvy investor himself, and truly enjoys the "art" of making even the most difficult deals come together. 

He is an advocate for helping people reach financial independence through investing in Real Estate. Though he is an excellent candidate for single family homes and smaller multis, Matt truly excels in the larger commercial projects that most wouldn’t dare to enter into! He is a principal owner and an active participant of a very successful syndication company Millennium Holding Group, which has allowed a large group of private investors to collect passive income while growing their portfolios without lifting a finger!

While he has extensive experience in the multi-family & commercial market, Matt is also well-versed in managing contractors & vendors for deals involving construction. This is particularly helpful to investors who purchase the “ugliest property in the neighborhood.” Matt is great at running numbers, visualizing potential, and executing the necessary steps to make the dream a reality for his partners, colleagues, and clients. 

As co-founder of Candor Realty Group, Matt has helped build an extremely successful Real Estate team alongside Jon Bombaci. Matt brings a very unique perspective to the art of any deal and enjoys helping others reach their goals. 

In his personal time, he enjoys traveling, camping, and riding his 4-wheelers out in the mud. If you have any questions about Real Estate, investing, syndications, or commercial properties, Matt is the person to call!