Kyle Curtin


Candor Realty

165 Thorndike St, Suite 2002 Lowell, MA 01852

Kyle Curtin is an investment focused real estate agent recently turned investor himself with the purchase of his first 3 unit multifamily property, which he is currently "Househacking" in North Leominster, MA!
Along with being an agent and investor, Kyle has several other endeavors he is actively trying to grow. He is a hard money loan originator with Crowdlending Inc., a regional direct lender out of Quincy, Ma. He also hosts a Greater Boston/Worcester County focused real estate investing podcast called "KCREatingwealth", where he interviews local investors to come on and tell their stories with the goal to always inspire others to take action.
Kyle first discovered entrepreneurship/business several months before his 18th birthday after being bored one day and Googling "What is investing?". This search drastically changed his life forever and led into the development of a strong desire to create a different type of life for his family and himself.
After 1 year of community college & learning about several different asset classes and small side hustles, he eventually found real estate, got his Massachusetts license shortly after, and later joined the Candor Realty team.
Kyle is passionate about constantly looking for ways to give genuine value to everyone he can find with the intention of seeing them grow and succeed in different areas of their lives and bring others up as well. He is a firm believer that you can truly do whatever you set your mind to, and that the concept of failure does not exist, we just learn!

In his free time, he enjoys hanging out with family and friends, reading self improvement & business books, and figuring out the next step towards his visions!