Kyle Curtin


Candor Realty

165 Thorndike St, Suite 2002 Lowell, MA 01852

As an investment focused real estate advisor, I strive to help you complete your property goals whether it’s your first home, or 50th. 


In addition to being an investment focused agent, I also am a full time HVAC technician constantly developing mechanical problem solving skills that will greatly assist in investment opportunities as they are presented. I do not rely on real estate commissions to fund my lifestyle, and am ecstatic to simply possess the ability to teach others like others have taught me! 


I am always in pursuit of self growth and cultivating new relationships along with searching for multi family investment property to build my personal portfolio to be able to provide the lives that my family and myself choose to live rather than what we are obligated to. 


Feel free to give me a call or send an email to see if I would be a good fit!