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Simplified Real Estate Investment Meetups – Each month there will be an updated list of all the meetups scheduled. There will be links for corresponding Facebook events and BiggerPockets events. Please feel free to RSVP and share! Want to know more? Here you will find information as to what these networking events are all about!


Local Professional Highlight – Here we will feature a local professional in the real estate industry. This person will share his or her story and experience in the REI world!


Client Review/Story – This section will give clients an opportunity to share their experiences of working with the Candor Realty Team! We like to call this section, “Spilling the Tea.” If you would like to be featured in this section, please do not hesitate to reach out! We would love to hear from you!


Multi-family Market Analysis – The purpose of this section is to share with you Jon Bombaci’s professional analysis of the multi-family market on a monthly basis. This section can also be found by clicking the tab on our home page!

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Sept. 6, 2022

Local Professional Highlight September 2022


Real Estate Attorney - Real Estate Investor- owner of Primer Insurance Services, Inc


Doug works with our team, if you want to read more about his RE journey please click here

Aug. 12, 2022

SREI Meetup Schedule

🍺 LOWELL – 12/8
🍺 WALTHAM – 12/13
🍺 WORCESTER – 12/21
For links, see more below! 


Aug. 8, 2022

Past Guest Speakers August 2022


Enis Shehu


Lowell Meetup 4/14/22

Enis Shehu shared his RE investment experience


Brian Lucier


Worcester Meetup 4/20

Brian Lucier shares his RE investment experience


Aug. 8, 2022

Client Review August 2022

Chris Manhattan left a review and this is what he had to say!


This is an excellent, reliable, and high-quality company that you can trust! I highly recommend asking for Josh Poitras - he's an awesome realtor who is extremely knowledgeable about the housing market and always looks out for your best interest. He's a military veteran and firefighter who has dedicated his life to giving back and helping others. So, whether you are a first time home buyer, or using the VA home loan, or on your second or third home purchase, Josh is the man for the job! He is an expert in the area and will make the process smooth for you all along the way! Give Candor Realty and Josh a call today!


Aug. 8, 2022

Local Professional Highlight August 2022


Property Manager - Real Estate Investor


Mike is one of our team members, if you want to read more about her RE journey please click here

July 12, 2022

Guest Speakers July 2022


Eric Chapman & Peter McGovern


Waltham Meetup 3/24/22

Eric Chapman & Peter McGovern share their RE investing experience


Joe Galvin


Lowell Meetup 4/14

Joe Galvin provided some insight in regards to different loans

July 12, 2022

Local Professional Highlight July 2022


Investor – Property Manager- Real Estate Agent


Carla is one of our team members, if you want to read more about her RE journey please click here

July 12, 2022

Client Review July 2022

Real Estate Investor Jessie Dillon left a review and this is what she had to say! 


I worked with Devin on acquiring my first short term rental investment property in NH (2.5h north of me) and it was totally seamless. Although I know I was one of many, I really felt like i was one of very few clients of hers; that’s how communicative she is. She always got back to me within a few hours. She also provided really valuable insight on every property I was considering, kept MY ultimate goals in mind, was easy to work with from afar, etc. I had 2 offers accepted within just a few months of making them (if that). All around amazing experience with Devin. :)

June 6, 2022

Guest Speakers June 2022


Jeanne D’Arc Lending Team


Lowell Meetup 3/10/22

Jeanne D’Arc Lending Team shared lending information


Nick Earls & Eric DiNicola


Waltham Meetup 2/17/22

They shared their development experience

June 6, 2022

Local Professional Highlight June 2022


Investor – Real Estate Advisor


Andrew is one of our team members, if you want to read more about his RE journey please click here