BiggerPockets reached out to investment partners Shaine Grogan and Joe Allen to ask about their experience working with Jon Bombaci.

Here is what they had to say!


1. What role did your agent play in your investment process?


Stemming from the Bigger Pockets community, we knew that we wanted to venture into real estate investing. Jon was instrumental in this process. He helped us identify, evaluate, and pursue the several properties we viewed and eventually made offers on. The key to his role was that he was investor focused and treated the properties we were looking at as if he was the one with his name on the offer.


2. What value did your agent bring?


The value Jon brings to the table is immeasurable. Being new to the game, Jon helped ease some of our nerves and walk us through every aspect of the process. He reviewed the way we analyzed properties, he found us properties, and he truly listened to what our goals were to steer us in the right direction. On top of this, Jon has a tremendous work effort that allows him to succeed in satisfying clients and to persuade sellers that he is able to make the deal happen, quick and effortlessly. The proof is in the three multi-family properties we purchased with Jon as our agent. When we were chosen for all three of these properties, it wasn’t because we were the highest bidder, but because the seller and sellers agent felt confident that with Jon, we would be able to close. For example, our first property was a conventional offer slightly above a cash offer and we were chosen. The second one, we lost initially but the sellers agent knew just who to call when their first choice fell through. Jon is clearly a professional and had so much knowledge to share, it was great just being able to pull this information out from him.

3. Did you learn something from your agent throughout the process?


Absolutely! Almost everything we’ve learned as either been directly from Jon or from a recommendation/introduction he has made. He is a great resource to us at all times and epitomizes what a rock star agent is.

4. Do you feel like it was a vital relationship to the success of your investment?


We contacted a number of agents prior to choosing Jon. We found Jon through BP and after our interview which was before a meet-up he runs, we decided on Jon. We can’t imagine having worked with anyone else. Having Jon in our corner has been a large part of our success.