Real Estate Investor Michael Deignan left a review and this is what he had to say! 


Andrew Freed is not only an expert when it comes to real estate, but more so just an amazing guy in general. Throughout my experience working with Andrew, I was blown away with how thorough and caring he was throughout the entire process.


As in investor himself, he was more than willing to share his personal experiences with me, preparing me for every step along the way so that there were never any surprises. My property search took several months due to my personal circumstances, and Andrew never once became frustrated or made me feel like things weren't going to workout, in fact it was quite the opposite. Along with him being a fantastic guy, his knowledge of real estate taught me so much that I feel like I am in a far better place now than before I met him.


If you're looking for an outstanding teammate, friend, and mentor in the real-estate industry, look no further. Andrew Freed is as good as it gets!