Real Estate Investor Lisa Asselin left a review on BiggerPockets and this is what she had to say! 


Great experience with Todor of Candor Realty

After doing some reading on the BP forums, I connected with Candor realty to help me walk through the process of purchasing my first investment property. They were very responsive, with smooth running systems in place; this had me connected with Todor within a day for a conversation on my goals and his recommendations. He was able to sort through my goals, reframe what I had learned to be applicable to the local market, and refine my search to new criteria for success. He gave me the direction and tools to continue my search and was available daily for me to text or call with what I was seeing to make sure I was looking at deals through the right lens. As an investor himself, it was really helpful to have his insight on the local market, rents and tenants. My goal was not just to purchase an investment property, but to learn the right recipe for success and build a portfolio. After speaking with a few agents, I was confident he was the one I wanted to work with because of his genuine support and coaching - and it was clear that the support and coaching would not end after I signed papers to purchase a house. In every conversation, he was transparent in offering feedback, corrections to my assumptions, contacts to build my team. He was available on short notice to walk through houses and write up offers. I am excited to have closed on my first investment property today. Because of his coaching, I am very confident in the deal (it appraised 57k higher than our accepted offer) and confident in next steps to make it a success! I highly recommend him and look forward to working with him on my next