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Jan. 10, 2022

Local Professional Highlight Jan 2022



Investor – Real Estate Advisor – Team Leader


Sabrina is one of the Team Leaders for the Worcester Team, if you want to read more about her RE journey please click here




Jan. 10, 2022

Guest Speakers Jan 2022

Past Pints & Properties Guest Speakers


At each Pints & Properties meetup, there are two guest speakers who share their stories and experiences with real estate investments. You can learn A LOT from folks who have been in your shoes before, and folks who wear the shoes you’d like to fit into someday! Many of our most successful relationships have been born out of these meetups. Check out what these guest speakers shared with us!




Lowell Meetup 12/9/21


Wendell shares information regarding FHA loans






Waltham Meetup 11/18/21


Don't miss out on these strategizing tips for RE investing

Jan. 10, 2022

Client Review Jan 2022

Real Estate Investor Matt Davis left a review in Bigger Pockets and this is what he had to say!


Candor realty is an incredible company. I attended my first real estate investors event with them about 18 months ago and it was no doubt an event that changed my life. My partners and I have since acquired 2 properties (both incredible deals) while working closely with Jon and his team. If you're interested in real estate investing, either just starting out or highly experienced, looking for deals, selling property, managing property, looking for investment opportunity, or just looking to network, I highly recommend you get to know these folks. They're not just looking to make a quick dollar off commission, they're making millionaires... and a lot of them!


Oct. 13, 2021





1/19 - VIRTUAL REI Meetup Hosted by Candor Worcester Team


1/20 - MANCHESTER NH Meetup at XO Bistro



1/27 - VIRTUAL Meetup on Zoom!


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Oct. 12, 2021

Past Guest Speakers

Past Pints & Properties Guest Speakers


At each Pints & Properties meetup, there are two guest speakers who share their stories and experiences with real estate investments. You can learn A LOT from folks who have been in your shoes before, and folks who wear the shoes you’d like to fit into someday! Many of our most successful relationships have been born out of these meetups. Check out what these guest speakers shared with us!






Lowell Meetup 9/9/21


Hear all about Kingsley's First Investment Properties






Lowell Meetup 9/9/21


Gordon Shares His Road to Success in REI

Oct. 4, 2021

Local Professional Highlight




Investor – Real Estate Advisor – Team Leader


My name is Todd Wheatley and I am a full-time real estate investor, agent, and entrepreneur.

I grew up in the small town of Shirley, MA with my family including 2 brothers, Brad and Ryan. We had a fairly typical middle-class, blue-collar, upbringing with hard working parents who did what needed to be done to keep money coming in. Likely due to this upbringing, I had a desire to work and earn money beginning at a very young age.  My wife Jessica and I have been involved in real estate in some capacity for nearly 10 years. On the heels of the 2008-09 financial crisis Jessica purchased a condo in Newton, MA, which we sold in 2013 for a significant profit. From there we moved to a large 4-bedroom 1980’s single family house that needed cosmetic updates because everything was original, including the pink bathrooms! We completed extensive renovations at this house and did nearly all of the work ourselves over the nearly 5 years we lived there. In 2016 we realized there was an opportunity to buy a vacation home in the Lakes Region of New Hampshire, which was still reeling from the housing crisis several years earlier. We purchased a large single family home which was used as a vacation property and short-term rental property, this was our first experience as an STR/airbnb host. During our ownership we added an additional bedroom and master ensuite and ultimately sold the property in 2019 for a significant profit. It wasn’t until more recently in 2019 we looked to real estate investing as a more full-time opportunity and powerful tool to achieve financial independence.

In 2020, during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, I made the decision to retire from a nearly 15 year career in IT and pursue my long-time passion of real estate investing. I decided to get my real estate license to help facilitate my own deals and provide another source of finding them via MLS. After receiving my license I joined the Candor Realty team in Lowell. I quickly realized how enjoyable it was helping other people find the right investment property to meet their own unique needs. One thing led to another and I’ve now had the great pleasure of helping nearly 20 people find the right property to fit their needs, totaling over $10M in real estate. Additionally, I’m thrilled to be part of helping the Candor Realty team grow by leading our first satellite team of 5 agents covering the Greater Boston area! Shout out to Dan, Matt, Cindy, Peter, and Kingsley for helping prove out this model and help the Candor family continue to hit our aggressive and exciting goals!

I’m really looking forward to what the future holds, both on a personal level and for the Candor team. As a team we have awesome goals for 2022, including what should be our biggest year of transactions yet, dozens and dozens of flips, and the acquisition of another several hundred rental properties! Additionally, I expect to make my first small business acquisition to help diversify our income and asset portfolio while allowing us to work from anywhere in the world! 

Thank you for taking the time to read a bit about my background and story. I love talking about real estate, business, investing, technology, and many other topics so please feel free to reach out anytime if you’d like to talk. Happy Investing!

Oct. 3, 2021

Client Review/Story

BiggerPockets reached out to investment partners Shaine Grogan and Joe Allen to ask about their experience working with Jon Bombaci.

Here is what they had to say!


1. What role did your agent play in your investment process?


Stemming from the Bigger Pockets community, we knew that we wanted to venture into real estate investing. Jon was instrumental in this process. He helped us identify, evaluate, and pursue the several properties we viewed and eventually made offers on. The key to his role was that he was investor focused and treated the properties we were looking at as if he was the one with his name on the offer.


2. What value did your agent bring?


The value Jon brings to the table is immeasurable. Being new to the game, Jon helped ease some of our nerves and walk us through every aspect of the process. He reviewed the way we analyzed properties, he found us properties, and he truly listened to what our goals were to steer us in the right direction. On top of this, Jon has a tremendous work effort that allows him to succeed in satisfying clients and to persuade sellers that he is able to make the deal happen, quick and effortlessly. The proof is in the three multi-family properties we purchased with Jon as our agent. When we were chosen for all three of these properties, it wasn’t because we were the highest bidder, but because the seller and sellers agent felt confident that with Jon, we would be able to close. For example, our first property was a conventional offer slightly above a cash offer and we were chosen. The second one, we lost initially but the sellers agent knew just who to call when their first choice fell through. Jon is clearly a professional and had so much knowledge to share, it was great just being able to pull this information out from him.

3. Did you learn something from your agent throughout the process?


Absolutely! Almost everything we’ve learned as either been directly from Jon or from a recommendation/introduction he has made. He is a great resource to us at all times and epitomizes what a rock star agent is.

4. Do you feel like it was a vital relationship to the success of your investment?


We contacted a number of agents prior to choosing Jon. We found Jon through BP and after our interview which was before a meet-up he runs, we decided on Jon. We can’t imagine having worked with anyone else. Having Jon in our corner has been a large part of our success.


Sept. 30, 2021

About Pints & Properties


Enjoy a pint and let's talk investment properties!




P&P meetups are monthly events held in several locations in MA and NH and also via Zoom! These are FREE and PUBLIC networking event tailored to anyone interested in the investment side of Real Estate! Like-minded folks get together to answer some of the many questions you may have about the state of the investment industry. Our attendees often include local investors from many surrounding states, real estate professionals (agents, brokers, hard money lenders, mortgage brokers, credit unions, attorneys, CPA's, property managers, and more.)

Whether you are a seasoned investor, just starting to build a portfolio, or if you are just simply curious about investing in real estate, you will certainly find value in receiving great FREE information on how to make your investment happen!


Come on by, grab a drink and casually interact with some of the best local investors in each of these areas as well as a variety of real estate professionals.

This is a fantastic place to find and grow your team! 


Invite your friends and share this event!

We hope to see some new and familiar faces!



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